Week 9 -Gain more confidence and Faith despite difficulties



Part 9: ” If you wish to change conditions you must change yourself” Haanel

It was a really challenging week with a 55 hours training on self-confidence and leadership within 5 days + MKMMA + many problems with the hospitals for health problems and finance for my trainings in 2017 which  appeared on monday : the first day of my trainings…!

I was already so tired because I didn’t sleep a lot with MKMMA course at Sunday night. And I was even crying on monday  night wondering why things happening that way…I was working hard to succeed, doing my best, involved because “I’m always keep my promises” but it’s not enough!

These problems could have happened one week before or one week after … I felt so inpowering …! Why was it like that ..?

I’ve realised that more I was focus on the problems and on the results to obtain,  more I felt the inpowering Inside me. And furthermore I wasn’t fully present at my training during the first day

I’ve decided to do my best even if it wasn’t satisfied for me because I didn’t want the negatives thoughts but they were there and despite all my actions to unlock the problems, the situation stayed completely blocked for 2 whole days

Law of Growth : ” whatever we think about grows. what we forget atrophies”. So what can I do?


What do I really want ?

What is the most important?

How would be the situation if it’s unlocked? How would I feel ? What would I see ?

Then I was doing my sit on the 2nd day with the vision of a big wool pelotte with a lot of knots so that after the pelotte become unwind easily without knots…

Each time I was walking I was saying ” I can be what I will to be ” “Do it Now” “I’m whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy” saying them out loud, mixed and sometimes while singing with a determinated step on the streets

I’ve realised that I have to choose and do the best actions and then  be detached from the outcome to feel more at peace and more present at this training… I have to trust fully the process and not just hope things to be better.

And a first solution appeared on the 3rd day  when I didn’t expect anything…!

To focus on my goals this week and not only on things to be done, I’ve also decided

  • not to do all the reading on tuesday  wednesday and thursday. I realized that I have to sleep  more to enjoy the most of my week. I’ve made a slighter mkmma programm
  • not to do the mental diet programme for the whole week – the aim of this intensive programm is to go deeper Inside my fears and everything that can blocked me – to go behond my limits in order to reveal my true self –  Diet mental programme wasn’t appropriate for this week. My priority was to gain more confidence on myself and on lifefullsizerender

I’ve also learned to listen more to my body for making good actions and not only to my brain. It’s like if my body was connected to my intuition and my brain more focus on my fears and believes.

At the end of this week I can look at the gale in the glass  straight in the eyes and she said: “Great, you did well,you did your best,  keep on”

I’am sure next week I will learn new things to help me to achieve  my goals  because :”I’m whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy”

Thanks for reading

With detachment and faith because I can be what I will to be// Armelle












14 thoughts on “Week 9 -Gain more confidence and Faith despite difficulties

  1. Armelle,
    I love what you are saying! I see your persistence. I feel your passion for the course. What you are doing is not gone unnoticed. It’s so great that you are getting what Marks saying in the webinars. Keep up the good work!

    Caryn Kehrly
    MKE Certified Guide


    1. Thanks Caryn for your nice and inspiring comment. I appreciate a lot your encouragement. oh yes I will do my best to keep up the good work and I will also focus on understanding and writing the best I can despite the language barrer .

      Next challenge of this week – to redo my DMP and enable me to develop more my vision of my best self in accordance with my 2PPN !

      Mahalo !


    1. Thanks Caryn ! Everything is perfect like the nature !

      And yes baby steps with persistence and determination are so important !

      And if I couldn’t do it wrong I will redo my DMP straight away without thinking too much ! 😊✨

      Thanks for this question which inspire me a lot


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