Week 12 – Persist believe and feel it !


I feel so blessed to have met my guide Claes in Paris !

It’s wonderful because I was completely blocked with my DMP and I couldn’t touch it or read it anymore and thanks to him I have understood that I have to change my PPN and put a new dimension to my aims !

It was already said in Week 12 “Unless you can concentrate upon the object which you have in view, you will have but a hazy, indifferent, vague, indistinct and blurred outline of your ideal and the results will be in accordance with your mental picture” (Haanel) but I couldn’t find how and where to start with

Thanks to the advises of Claes, My vision starts  to become clearer and I can feel more enthousiasm in my new DMP which is nearly finished ! I’m so grateful for that !

Thank you Claes ! But Thank you also to my future self who helping me to go through my limits and never give up… because I know that I can be what I will to be and that we gonna built together a wonderful futur !

Yes I persist and I succeed

I received 1 month ago a negative answer for obtaining funds for my next training.  The others students in other régions get the finance but not me because I’m living in a poor region… It’s unfair, but this training is also   so important for me in order to create my company in March that I will not give up … So Not only I will redo my request but I will also find other solutions, obtain more supports and ask 3 trainings instead of 1.

Because ask more, get more… and if I persist I succeed ! Let’s see what will happen.

I was also invited this week by a professional network CJD to assit at a conference about the toughest race on earth “The Marathon des Sables” in the Sahara desert in Marocco. It is a foot race, open to more than 1300 runners and walkers from every country in the world, with several stages, free style, and with food self-sufficiency over a distance of about 250 Km. Each participant must carry his/herown backpack containing food, sleeping gear and other material.

I felt a lot of emotion listening to the story of the participants ! It’s such an incredible human experience that transform the vision of life that it’s nearly impossible for me to describe it here … but at that moment during this conference I knew Inside me that I want to be part of that adventure and help the competitors to finish the race… I want to use all my competencies that I’m developping now : coaching, brief therapy (with Hypnosis, neuro linguistic programmation, deep neuralrepatterning) but also my English my spanish and my french (mothertong) to give my best and help the others to achieve their dreams and aims ! And this event is just amazing for that !

I also  had the chance during this conference to  be introduced to the founder of this race. He’s waiting for my application and I have a chance to be part of this amazing experience in April 2018 !

With all my persistence, belief and feeling, I will do everything to help my Dreams come true !

Because I can be what I will to be and I always keep my promises

Thanks for reading

With all my gratitude // Armelle


8 thoughts on “Week 12 – Persist believe and feel it !

  1. Aww its so great to hear your story. I know over the past 14 weeks I’ve grown closer connecting with both my Guide and my Tribe. We’ve even gone as far as to say we are going to keep connected after the course is over. Yes PERSIST and succeed… such inspiration here!!! 🙂

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