Week 15 – Power of Thought : Love + persistance + Insight


2017 starts well because after 3 refusals for the financement of my trainings, I ultimately succeeded to obtain the approval ! My intensive courses in Paris (5O hours per week + certification to prepare) starts  on the 16th of January ! I’m so happy !

Never give up until I succeed was very useful for me  ! And I will keep on that way even if doing both training (Paris and Hawaï)  will be very challenging for me.

In week 15, I also love the différents perspective and key points about  Growth by reading Haanel :

All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit”15-7

Easy to say but how can I develop my Insight to integrate fully this idea …

  • Difficulties and obstacles will continue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials of further growth”. 15-7
  • ” Nothing may reach us except what is necessary for our growth”15-6
  • “Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better”15-4
  •  “we are able to extract from each experience only what we require for our further growth. Our ability to do this determines the degree of harmony or happiness we attain” 15-5

So difficulties felt are here to show me or make me understand something and then I can decide on which points of that event I want to focus on and develop more happiness !

It is also said:”Difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles, indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require” 15-3

I’m also more aware of the power of MY words and MY thoughts to attract more positive thing in my life

  • “The beauty of the word consists in the beauty of the thought; the power of the word consists in the power of the thought, and the power of the thought consists in its vitality. “15-23

And to reinforce the power of My thought, it’s important to develop more love and gratitude about life and events in my life:

  • “It is love which imparts vitality to thought and thus enables it to germinate. The law of attraction, or the law of love, for they are one and the same, will bring to it the necessary material for its growth and maturity.15-11

Growth of the power of my thought = love + persistance + insight

Thanks for reading !

Thanks to my Guide Claes,

Thanks to Alicia my mastermind partner

And Thanks for all the team MKMMA for helping me to reinforce the power of my thought and changing my life ! My heart burst with gratitude for that !

Thanks for the others  for following my blogs and all your nice comments that you left since the beginning of this nice experience!

Mahalo !

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