Week 17 persistent concentration + burning desire – it works !


My week is very intensive (50 hours cours in Paris + MKMMA + time with the other students and the person who hosts me + revision for preparing my certification next week !)

Despite this intensive week, I’ve noticed an increase of my détermination and desir to succeed.


“All mental discovery and attainment are the result of desire plus concentration; desire is the strongest mode of action” Haanel 17-15… This is so true… it’s what I have experienced this week.

Last week I thought I will have to do less MKMMA, no choice,  because on my 2 weeks intensive in Paris and my desire to obtain my certification… but in fact, I ‘m doing  my very best everyday and I succeed to have done more than expected without having conscious thought about how to do that :

  • I’ve redone my DMP
  • I’ve put shapes on all my gratitude cards which wasn’t done at all before
  • I’m doing more sit even if it’s only 5 minutes the morning 5 minutes before sleeping
  • I’m not yet doing gratitude cards every day but every 2  days
  • + all the readings

My subby find ways to make me do MKMMA services sometimes during my hypnosis courses with a  concentration increased for both of them (hypnose +mkmma)  . It can be 5 minutes here  for MKMMA and 5 minutes later but it’s always 5 minutes more for MKMMA. I can feel such a desir to succeed my new life ! and as ” Your degree of success is determined by the nature of your desire.” Haanel 17-25 …. and that I can be what I will to be !

So I will keep on focusing every day on success , courage, abundance !

“Every obstacle conquered, every victory gained, will give you more faith in your power, and you will have greater ability to win. Your strength is determined by your mental attitude” Haanel 17-26 –

Yes !

Yes and I will keep on constructing a positive mental attitude for me and the others !

Yes I keep on my road to the success because “I can accomplish far more than I have, and I will” – Og Scroll 4


And for that I need your help, because I’m blocked with 2 questions

Question 1:

I’m wondering how to do the sit and if I’m doing right …

The exercices regarding the sit gave me several questions this week. I will share with you my expériences,  Would you mind sharing with me your practice ?

Until now, I had eyes closed, I was focusing on my breath and looking down Inside me while looking at the images that arrive + be relaxed.

But now it seems more powerful if I’m looking up between the 2 eyes (third eyes), still with eyes closed, with my head slightly up, my back more straight and a little smile on my face as if it’s already existing… It’s sometimes strange because I can feel some vibration on my body

May be there are different ways of doing the sit … How do you do your sit ? Have you experience different kind of sitting ? What works the best for you ?


Question 2 :

With Franklin Makeover, do you put a point on the document this week for the first virtue (which was for me – well organized) if you notice something about the first virtue this week ? or only about kindness and the virtue of this week 17 which was for me discipline?

Sorry, I didn’t put that on alliance because I’m lost with that – so many conversations and so many messages …it’s crazy …and I never know if someone has answered or read it unless going there everyday through all the messages

Thanks for reading me and thanks in advance for the personns who will share with me their practices

Mahalo !





4 thoughts on “Week 17 persistent concentration + burning desire – it works !

  1. You thought you were not going to be able to keep up with the MKMMA while preparing for your certification, but low and behold you did , Wonderful you now know you can do this and more . Great learning moment and something to remember so that when things look overwhelming remember this and you’ll stop and say I can do this and you will

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    1. Thanks so much fo your nice comment ! Yes I have a lot of challenges to overcome before April and I will think of this event and at you ! Starting from now, I will say first thing in the morning : “I can do this” “Do it now” “Act” !
      Yes … and I will succeed !
      THANKS !! all the best for you

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  2. Congrats on the flow You´re in and all Your accomplishments! To Your questions the one thing I want to say about the sit is that for me it´s growing longer and longer over time and after being through Haanel´s exercises twice I now use more and more guided meditations. For now I´d say just follow the instructions as close as possible and give Yourself more time to get into the state!
    You´re doing awesome!!!

    Peace // Claes

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    1. Thank you so much Claes for your support and sharing with me the way you’re doing the sit ! for sure I need to do it longer and every day (and not every two or three days as I’m doing) and on the mean time Something is unclear for me about the sit and doesn’t push me to do it every day ! I would love to speak about that on our next call to make things clearer for me ! Thanks so much for your help and your comment ! Have a nice day !


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