Week 17 HJ – My Hero’s Journey ! Amazing week !


Very intensive week with 6 days per week courses  and hypnosis certication to prepare with almost 400 pages to learn !

What I’m the most prouf of is to be able to have found solutions – even during the class (see picture below) – to keep on doing  MKMMA every day with such a motivation  (except the readings and the sitting the 3 days before my certification and the day after – so exhausted…! ). It was important for me to take this time for sleeping. It was also important to respect more myself and to take into account more my 2 PPN : Liberty and True Health.


“What am I pretending not to know ?” What a good question !! … And what if the universe is already working for me and is just waiting for me to be fully aware of my potential ! And what if the universe is already here to help me rebuilding my whole life and for my best now ! And what if  the universe is already helping me with unexpected way to overcome challenges and difficult problems in my present life?

It’s just “…Amazing…”  !!  I encounter so many synchronities and nice events !

This week 17 HJ was my week !

Yes … just after the webcast regarding the Hero’s Journey, I learned that the following day,  on Monday that we will do a protocol which is called in French “le voyage du héros” > “The Hero’s Journey” on friday to kill the deapest fear Inside us (the dragon) and to be able to unlease the power within ! Whaouh ! I was so happy and excited by this amazing synchronicities and nice opportunity !


Yes it’s really time for me to step forward ! to enable my new life to start from now !! To let die my old self and let my new self shine !

And Yes ! “I can be what I will to be” !

Not only I succeed to do both courses ( Hypnosis in Paris and MKMMA + other compulsory staff ) but I have succeeded in having 100/100 !!!


YES I’ve succeeded !!! I’m so happy and proud of me !


Thank you everybody for your support ! And welcome in my new life !

I don’t know what will happen but I’m ready to make happen the very best in my life !

I was also very inspired by this short video “What reality are you creating for yourself” and I wanted to share it with you:  Amazing video in English and French in the link below   about Isaac Lidsky (11 minutes -Ted talks). He’s explaining to us that despite becoming blind, he kept on developing his vision and continue running his big company as a CEO and being happy and very active. It’s true that sometimes we can have sight but no vision about our life and happiness. He reveals to us a new vision of the reality and his heros Journey ! So inspiring ! It has helped me to remind  me that what we see is an unique personnal virtual reality constructed by our brain. Therefore, It is very important to keep on questioning our thoughts as they will create our own reality and our happiness !

What lies am I telling myself ?

What am I pretending not to know?


Thanks for reading and following me !

Mahalo !

All the best,


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