Week 20 – Be the observer – awareness is power


Tough week : so many things to do and problems to solve that my priorities were to try to keep calm and go forward, step by step… and stay focus !

I was trying to reduce my focus on the external world to put it more on my inner world by making ” a conscious effort to observe my thoughts, emotions and actions” because :

                                                          AWARENESS IS POWER !


I’ve also decided to use  my limiting feelings like tools for expanding my comfort zone and my greatness:

Fear – it’s time to Split up my goals and tasks for making them smaller and more achievable ” do it now” “act”

Angry – I will use this energy to take actions  and/or to permit myself to say stop – next . I will also look at myself in the mirror and say ” I love you” several times and then ” what do we do next ?”

Guilty – breathing , understanding what is behind, and take action for being what I will to be – ” I can be what I will to be”

Hurt feelings – what do I need ? And how to get them ? ” I’m whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy”

Unworthiness: with gratitude because I can’t think at both at the same time. I will also say  “thank you” 3 times every morning for starting my day.

I’ve put also in writing all the things that must be done before the 1st of April : At least 60 things appears (without writing any MKMMA services…!) it’s just crazy because some of them are big challenges with huge work !

No …stop …!!! no negative thoughts ! Stay calm and focus !

I’ve starting to accept things like they are, to accept that my body was more painful than the other weeks and try  not to worry too much about that. I was adapting myself to the best I could and this was great ! Hard week and on the mean time I was proud of what I could do

This post was late…it’s fine because I know I always keep my promises

I’ve decided also to welcome these negative thoughts, to thanks them and to swish  at once for better thought ! Because, I don’t know how or when ….but ….Solutions are already on track !

yes because :



And I want my thoughts to be constructive and positive for enabling a better futur for myself and people around me

I know “I can be what I will to be”

and that “I’m whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy”

So let’s start ! “Do it know” ” Act ” and I’m sure that the univers somehow will help me

And Today, it’s awesome 3 persons contact me with unexpected  way to give me some useful advises for the creation of my 2 companies in April. New ideas arrived but also confirmations so useful to go forward !

Furthermore, for the live event in Kauai, the room in the hotel was too expensive for me, I was even looking for a dorm in a youth hostels… and at the end, Rebecca and Wendy are willing to share the room with me ! I’m so happy !

Moreover, I would like to thank  Claes et Caryn for having helped me with my blog because no posts were appaering on my blog ! Only people who were following me could see what I was publishing !

I’m also so grateful for MKMMA ! And it’s only the beginning of my new life !

Mahalo !


3 thoughts on “Week 20 – Be the observer – awareness is power

  1. Oooh, I love this post Armelle! You are championing your cause with clarity and purpose – and you’re being consciously mindful about each stage of your accountability plan … You’re a ‘high 5 – rolled into one’ and about to impact your April ambitions and goals .. go you!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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