Week 22 : prayers and sits for increasing successful vibrations


Haanel said this week :”the question is, what are we thinking, what are we creating, what is the harvest to be?” 22-3


My subby wasn’t very happy and confident with the things to do during week 22 : the silent week. One or Two weeks of work are nearly missing for starting well my company on the 1st of April, so many things to do and a new training in Paris will start soon on the 10th in Paris, no way I can spend 1 or 2 days in silence doing Nothing. Oh my godness – How can I meet the requirement with such a lack of time ! Furthermore I’m still not confident with my sit – I’ve missed Something for sure ! But no idea what ? So one silent day … : is it one day doing only sit ? Oh my godness, I’m gonna die … How can I do Something that I’m not sure how and what to do  for a whole day ! This is crazy …

The results : unhappyness for not being able to do that, unsatisfaction between what I want to do and what I can do, more stress….  and I could feel the results this week in my body and on things to do … It wasn’t smooth at all and I was more stressed and upset about things !

“It is through the law of vibration that the mind exercises this control over the body” 22-5

Yes, so I need to change my mind,  my thoughts and my vibrations ! So let’s have some fun with friends  !


Hannel said also  “Mental therapeutics may be directed by the patient himself” 22-27 and My subby on the same time has found other way to make me work : I’ve found the french version of “Prayer is the answer”


This book is very closed to what we’re Learning with MKMMA and to the  things to do in week 22: “Speak to Him, thou, for He hears, and spirit with spirit can meet, Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.” Then try to realize that when you do “Speak to Him” you are in touch with Omnipotence.” 22-28

So I have decided to spend (no 1 day or half day) but at least one hour of silence per day: doing streching for my body, reading (MKMMA + this book) , N’sol exercices (another french programme) , sit … and “speaking to him” … I’ve decided to follow my compass of Joy and no my clock

Today, it’s awesome, it’s nearly 5 hours I’m not speaking (but still connected with computer for this blog and messages on my phone … I’ve decided it was good for me ) and what was funny it’s that for once I’ve also decided to do my N’sol exercices not in my bedroom as usual but in the kitchen.

What surprised me this afternoon, It’s that after 5 minutes of exercices, I was really calm, thinking of Nothing and my eyes focus on something unusual in the kitchen : these 2 angels !


They have been here for a very long time but I have never really looked at them ! It was the first time that I was looking at them with awareness

One is listening and the other one is speaking / asking ! And it’s exactly what it’s asked me to be done in week 22 with Haanel

So it was like a confirmation for me ! I will keep on improving my prayer, sit and silence the best I could with good vibes and trust the universe ! I will increase my connexion and speaking with him.

And it’s already wonderful because yesterday, I’ve found this blog very helpful and inspiring about silence so I share with you : https://travelingmemichaelmasterkey.wordpress.com/2017/03/05/mkmma-week-22-sounds-of-silence/#comments

Michael has succeeded in giving me a new vision of the silence even if I do not know yet how to apply it  in my current life. It’s the first step to go further in the silence discoveries and find ways to improve my practice !

Thanks for reading and following my blog


One thought on “Week 22 : prayers and sits for increasing successful vibrations

  1. Liked this and I’m going to steal from you the Idea of going silent for 1 hour a day and then add to it , this won’t be hard for me ..it’s the extended time I have to work on ..great Stuff

    Liked by 1 person

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