Week 22A Be Present In Your Life!



” Robert Holden is so right! For many years I felt like something was missing in my life. Even when I appeared to have everything – plenty of money, a nice home, Paul Smith designer socks, and expensive coffee – I still felt like there was a missing piece. On my birthdays – and at Christmas too – I’d feel sad after I’d opened my last present. I often got everything I wanted and more, but there was still an emptiness I couldn’t identify. Then, one day, I realized I was feeling empty because I was looking for things to fill a hole in myself. After a close look, I realized the hole was shaped just like ME! That was when I started to realize that only I could fill the void.

Gradually, I realized that the more I showed up in my life, the less I felt like something was missing. The more I expressed my heart in my work, the more I loved what I did. The more courageous and honest I was in my writing, the more I was in the flow. The more open and vulnerable I was in my relationships, the more loved I felt. The more present I was in my day – less busy, manic, searching, chasing – the more abundant I felt. Before I was hoping the world would make me whole, but only I could do that by being more present in my world. I can say that for me, Robert really did get it right in his observation and advice in this principal. I genuinely hope some of you can benefit from it as well. ”  Hay House

When I read it I found it awesome ! That’s why I wanted to share it with you.

This week I’ve decided to be fully present at life  !

See you next week !



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