Exercise of this week – make a press release with all your Dreams realized and be interviewed ! Not easy at the beginning but quite funny at the end – I put more pictures with this press release in the links down the page (English and French)


PRESS RELEASE interview on October 21th 2020 with Mr Luck – director of Success Magazine

I’m by the sea on a beautiful island and I let myself be inspired by the sounds of the waves. Sitting comfortably at a table I observe the sea and admire the beautiful nature around me. I can see magnificent olive trees, coconut palms, tropical flowers and there are even multicolored butterflies and hummingbirds flying around me! That’s wonderful ! I take this moment to remind myself all the main achievements of my life while enjoying eating exotic fruit and grapes on my plate. What a treat and what a chance to work in heavenly places like this. My heart is filled with gratitude and joy! Thank you life !

“Your appointment is arrived, the director of Success magazine, Mr Luck, is waiting for you”

“Could you ask him to come here and bring us 2 cocktails, thank you! “

Mr Luck “Hello Mrs Armelle Gros, thank you for having accepted to see me, I wanted to meet you in person. I am Mr Luck, director of Success magazine “

Armelle: “Welcome to my office ! “

Mr Luck, “Your office …? Is it in this beautiful place where you’re working? “

Armelle “Yes I like getting inspiration from nature! And the beauty of this place allows my guidance and my creativity to express themselves fully! “

Mr Luck: “Is it here where you have created your OZ’live program – the program that brings magic into the lives of people and enables them to realize their dreams …? “

Armelle, “Yes, that is correct! “

Mr Luck “3000 people were at your last conference in Paris, it’s an extraordinary and fast success ! “

Armelle “Yes it’s awesome because I started my business in 2017 … and now I have received requests for conferences in English and Spanish, in different countries of the world: England, America, Spain. And what makes me pleased it’s the thousands of comments that people have put on my website after having done the program OZ’vivre …! A lot of emotions by reading these comments ! and what a wonderful transformation for all these people! This makes me vibrate with happiness “

Mr Luck, “How do you explain this success”

Armelle: “I’ve discovered that I had a lot more potential than I thought. So I decided to invest in myself. I started to take courses in all the powerful techniques that fascinated me: hypnosis, NLP and DNR. Then I made the MKMMA program and I broadened my spectrum of knowledge and certifications for finishing by achieving my own global alignment method with stunning results in 3 sessions! I can also make distance consultations which allows me to continue traveling around the world and spend a lot of wonderful moments with my friends and family while I’m managing my time easily and efficiently “

“I have also developed my services and diversified my activities … Look :


From the beginning of our conversation already 3 people have made a new order …! “” It’s fantastic I earn money by being here with you and enjoying this fruit cocktail by the sea! And it’s the same during the night, I wake up every morning with good news !! “

Mr Luck : « It’s fantastic ! »

Armelle : « Thanks to MKMMA I have learned to decide what I really want and to apply universal rules to achieve my dreams! I found in 2016 the key that enabled me to succeed in everything I wanted …and this is how my life has changed completely!

Mr Luck, “What do you appreciate most about your present life ‘

Armelle: “to wake up every morning in the arms of my husband and to achieve together our deepest dreams with joy and love – This is my greatest happiness ! ”
“This beautiful love story began in 2017 and it was as if the universe put on my road the ideal man for me! And since that day, we radiate happiness! ”
“We even made a world tour travel together! Both, we’re very lucky to be able to work remotely and organize our schedule time as we want!
“Now he’s navigating in his boat with friends on vacation here, then this afternoon we will visit an island closed to here all together”

“All dreams come true ! “

Mr Luck : “All ??? “

Armelle “Yes all!” You only have to choose what you really want ..!

Mr Luck : “Everything seems so simple and fast with you! When can I have an appointment for an individual session with you? “

Armelle “We can start now if you want! “